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Innovative tech for pleasure

Réalité virtuelle Marc Dorcel

Present in the company’s DNA the since its creation, innovation has remained through time one of the most important pillars of MARC DORCEL. This desire to encourage and maintain the capacity to innovate is reflected not only in the creation of content but also in the distribution of its products. It is materialized by the search to always offer more pleasure and more performance in the pleasure.

Concretely, since 1979, MARC DORCEL has been in the pioneers:

  • To offer his films on VHS in 1979 then on CD ROM and on DVD respectively in 1995 and 1998
  • To allow his fans to collaborate in the creation of a film with the first crowdfunding of the porn industry in 2010 that allowed the shooting of the movie Mademoiselle de Paris
  • To launch distribution services of pornographic contents on digital channels with online sales services like DORCELVISION, DORCELCLUB and XILLIMITE in 2013
  • To work on immersive formats like 3D in 2009 or Virtual Reality in 2015
  • To make available online 3D downloadable content in 2011 but also in 4K since September 2015


Beyond these actions related to the company's historical business, MARC DORCEL is also innovating in the distribution of physical products by developing a true concept store since 2006 that completely changes the image of supermarkets specialized in adult entertainment.

Always at the forefront of new technologies, MARC DORCEL launched its first Virtual Reality 360 ° 3D experience in 2015. This innovation mixes the know-how of the director as well as the mastery of the most advanced technologies. MARC DORCEL offers you an unprecedented and interactive immersive virtual reality experience at 360° closer to reality.

In the continuity of these elements, MARC DORCEL pursues in its approach of perpetual innovation with the creation of its incubator DORCEL LAB in 2017 and by the collaboration with advanced technological partners.