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MARC DORCEL provides the content to more than 120 international broadcasting operators and editors: pay TV, pay per view, video on demand, hotels….

Being a media group and a film producer, MARC DORCEL provides its premium content to the biggest international broadcasting groups and proposes its in-house developed and managed Video on demand platforms.
The major international broadcasters, including CANAL+ Group, SKY Group, FOXTEL Group and BELL Group, are provided by MARC DORCEL.

MARC DORCEL also cooperates with the major content aggregators for hotels all over the world, including SONIFI in the USA and HOIST Group in Europe.

Expert in the adult content management, MAC DORCEL is a privileged partner of content providing aggregators for hotels in resolving different problems related to program consumption.


The content produced by MARC DORCEL are broadcasted in more than 75 countries.
They are all available on all broadcasting networks.
MARC DORCEL programs are available within more than 40 broadcasting international groups, in more than 800.000 hotel rooms around the world.