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Marc Dorcel Production



Movie production is the origin and the basis of all the group’s activities. It maintains a constant positioning as the industry’s highest quality standard.

Its historical positioning is to bring the highest level of quality to its consumers. This requirement is supported by a significant investment in our productions.  they are differentiated in that they offer scripted and themed contents:
Choice of luxurious decorations, careful and diversified castings, lingerie and styling studied, elaborate scenarios, diversities in our styles of realization.

A sustained desire for the loyalty of our audience through the strength of our historical series: Escort, Luxure, Russian Institute ...
But also by highlighting our muse "Dorcel Girl" that shines our brand image.


  • A catalog of more than +1200 films available in 13 languages.
  • Broadcast in 75 countries.
  • Available in all formats :
  • VOD
  • SVOD
  • TVOD
  • DVD
  • 23 annual productions enriched by additional content broadcast on our channels but also on major TV channels:
  • Reports: GIRLS ON FIRE report on erotic fairs around the world. SEXYTOUR, report on the places and / or naughty events of a city. SEX INSIDE, report on a personality, a trend, a major player in the XXX industry. CLUB LIBERTIN,Exclusive report in libertines clubs of France (nearly 50 episodes).
  • Emissions: IN BED WITH TRIXIE, show including 1 artist portrait, a social issue, an extract of making of, a stripgirl. VERY SPECIAL SURVEY, show presented by Nephael. PORNSTAR, portrait of an XXX star. MAKING OF,  movies backstages.
  • Making OF: IN THE BACKSTAGES OF ..., movies making of.
  • Trailer edited by our dedicated directors including Hervé Bodilis.
  • +350 international awards : "Hot d'Or, Venus Berlin, AVN, XBIZ Awards.