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Marc Dorcel create his own products

As a pioneer in the field of pleasure, MARC DORCEL uses its expertise to provide pleasure with a range of chic sex toys. Launched in 2011


MARC DORCEL sextoys  includes a large range of models designed to optimise pleasure, allowing you to experience new sensations thanks to completely original products with an innovative, refined design and beautiful packaging.

MARC DORCEL offers completely original products to fulfil every desire. As a skilful creator of eroticism, MARC DORCEL sticks to the recipe which made its success, without deviating from its eternal philosophy, “to facilitate access to pleasure for everyone”. The collection revisits the great classics. Thanks to the company’s long and fruitful experience in sensual pleasures, you can experience lust in its purest state.

Distribution of adult products

The consumption of sex toys has heavily increased in France over the last 5 years, and 38% of French women now report that they own a sex toy. With 30 years’ experience as a pleasure expert, MARC DORCEL does everything possible to enable people to optimise their pleasure and climax without any taboos. By sourcing from around the world and manufacturing itself, MARC DORCEL has created a selection of products which are suited to its clientele and comply with its policy: premium, sophisticated products which are clearly aimed at pleasure and are accessible to the widest possible audience. Thanks to this strategy and positioning, Marc Dorcel is the partner of reference for the leading names in distribution, mail order and e-commerce.


MARC DORCEL edits and distributes its productions on DVDs which are distributed every month in 52 countries. These premium DVDs include HD productions, in addition to 14 languages and subtitles and a number of bonuses for consumers (Making of, Interview, unseen footage, etc.). MARC DORCEL also publishes numerous box sets which are bestsellers on the market.



  • 300,000 DVDs distributed worldwide every year
  • 100 DVD releases per year
  • 14 languages and versions
  • More than 3,000 client accounts
  • 6 exclusive catalogues
  • 400 references